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Fewer Brits visiting JA, but it's nothing personal - diplomat

Published:Saturday | June 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

A senior British diplomat has attributed the decline in the number of British tourists to Jamaica over the past five years to a tough economic climate in that country.

John Smith, North America and the Caribbean consular regional director, suggested that this has nothing to do with Jamaica specifically.

"More than 170,000 British nationals come to Jamaica every year," said Smith.

"Over the last five or six years, where Britain's economy has been struggling a bit, some of those numbers have come down," he added.

Smith predicted that given the potency of the relationship between the two countries, a turnaround in Britain's economy would trigger a leap in tourist arrivals.

"We will see a turnaround in the number and types of visitors coming back and enjoying this wonderful country," he said. "For the vast majority, it's a wonderful experience."