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Teachers advised to carefully examine new wage offer

Published:Saturday | June 6, 2015 | 9:33 AM

President of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) Doran Dixon has challenged teachers to carefully examine the revised wage offer the government has now placed on the bargaining table.

Accompanying the new seven per cent increase there will also be increases in 'special increments' being offered to teachers in an attempt to compensate them for the shortfall in the basic salaries.

Dixon says the JTA’s claim consists of more than 30 items but focus on the basic salary is imperative because it affects every teacher.

The JTA President also explained that he has gotten the government to improve the offer on protective clothing allowance which will have an impact on approximately 17,000 teachers.

He says the duty allowance has seen a miniscule movement while senior teachers will also see an increased allowance.

While Dixon concedes that not everyone will benefit from everything he says the government has been encouraged to create a level playing field so that travelling officers are able to access loans of up to $800,000 to assist in purchasing vehicles for travel.

He was speaking at a consultation in Clarendon yesterday, which was one in a series to be held islandwide in the coming days.