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FINALLY: NSWMA to take action in Portmore

Published:Sunday | June 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM
One of several shops operating in the residential community of Greater Portmore.

Just under one month after a Sunday Gleaner exposé highlighted the concerns of residents of Greater Portmore, St Catherine, about the growing commercialisation in the area, the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has announced that it is taking action.

According to the NSWMA, it has embarked on a monthlong intensive enforcement and compliance initiative in Portmore. The initiative was launched on June 1, and should see the agency getting assistance from the Portmore Municipal Council as they enforce the NSWMA Act (Inspection of Business Places, Issuing Removal Notices and Litter Tickets).

The NSWMA has warned that a zero-tolerance approach will be taken against merchants and business operators, including medical facilities, pharmacies, salon and barber shop operators.

Vendors and residents found in breach of the NSWMA Act will be charged, the agency warned.

"This initiative is in an effort to increase compliance and improve the general aesthetics of Portmore," said the NSWMA.

Last month, residents of the dormitory community charged that the commercialisation of the area was becoming an increasing concern for them.

"We know all the ills that come with commercialisation in a residential area; it attracts outsiders and usually criminal elements. And you would want to know the people who come into your area, but with commercialisation, you can't," said Heather Wallen-Bryan, a resident of Gortuca in Greater Portmore and president of the Braeton Phases Four and Five Citizens' Association,