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Jamaican Graduates showcased to the world

Published:Monday | June 8, 2015 | 12:00 AMJanelle Oswald
Gianni Jahziel

A new website promises to showcase Jamaican graduates, providing a platform for potential employers to find their perfect employee.

Calling on all students who will be graduating this year, along with individuals with zero to five years of work experience, and including companies seeking to find skilled candidates, online career recruitment company Anziel aims to fill the gap in the Jamaican job mark by changing the employment landscape.

Co-founder Gianni Jahziel is pledging to assist graduates with finding their way in the job world. Speaking to The Gleaner, he said, "The main challenges facing graduates in Jamaica are the lack of knowledge relating to career opportunities and the ability to search a robust list of opportunities."

"Many individuals have been misled into believing that they should be looking for a 'job' and the true meaning of a JOB is 'just over broke'. However, in reality, graduates should be looking for careers. Anziel allow individuals to gain a better insight into the island and international job markets, equipping them with the ability and skills to find and match their career goals."

Jahziel was inspired to set up Anziel with his business partner, Adrian Nicholson, while both undergrads at the University of Technology. Together, the entrepreneur enthusiasts infused their names (An represents the initials of Adrian Nicholson and (ziel) from Jahziel, to launch their company this year.

Also the founder of RoaringSteed boutique, which specialises in cloud-based web and mobile applications and online systems, Jahziel told The Gleaner that he is motivated to make a change in Jamaica.

"There are three types of people: those who wait for things to happen, those who watch things happen, and those who make things happen. I want to make things happen by creating a platform where ideal candidates collide with ideal career opportunities," he said.

Passionate about the future of Jamaica's economy and business market, he said: "Anziel enables graduates to send their resumes directly to the recruiting officer at the given organisation, operating on a three-week turnaround on vacancies posted, effectively reducing the time spent unemployed waiting for feedback."

Sighting Gary Vaynerchuck of Vayner Media as one of his business role models, he adds: "Given our target demographics, Anziel assists organisations to headhunt their ideal candidate using our refined searching platform. We provide details of analysis criteria for their selection process, allowing them to answer questions such as: What is the market like? Which school(s) have the best candidates? Where are they going? What is their background? and What are they looking for? These all help to speed up the recruitment process, saving time and money."

Jahziel said Anziel is also looking forward to the day where they can expand beyond Jamaica and enter into other Caribbean markets, creating a hub for entrepreneurs, thus helping all graduates to find the right career and live their career dreams.