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myReport: Sue's battle with lung cancer

Published:Thursday | June 11, 2015 | 12:45 PM
Suzette 'Sue' Henriques was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer.

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For months Suzette 'Sue' Henriques battled a persistent cough, chest heaviness and shortness of breath but after several visits to her primary care physician, her symptoms were attributed to pneumonia.

It was only after requesting an x-ray that she was diagnosed as having stage four lung cancer.

The news, says Arlene Muirhead, a friend of Henriques, rocked her world.

Sue was a non-smoker and was regular at the gym, Muirhead posted on myReport.

Here is Muirhead’s account of Sue’s story:

When Sue relayed the shocking news to her brother in New York, he rushed to have her and her cousin who is a nurse on the next available flight.

It was a difficult flight for Sue, so much so that oxygen had to be on standby. She developed complications on the plane and on landing had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance.


A battery of tests were run and the doctors in New York confirmed the diagnosis.

Sue was immediately placed on an aggressive form of radiation and chemotherapy.

What a toll the chemo had on her body! Sue prayed, her brother prayed, her family prayed and her friends prayed for God to heal her, and give her strength to get through this ordeal.

We prayed for her brother who had to become Sue’s primary caregiver.

What a phenomenal person he is! He held firm when he felt like crumbling, he remained calm on the outside when he was frightened on the inside.

Many a night sleep eluded him. He was worried about losing his one and only sister and sibling, he was worried about the bills, about decisions he had to make on behalf of Sue.

He was worried! But we serve a mighty and powerful God. On the third of March, 2015, Sue’s oncologist stated “... the tumours have shrunk, and no more chemo!”

Sue remains in New York where she continues to receive medical attention. Sue will be placed on Gleevec, the pill form to the intravenous chemo.

Her doctors expect her to respond well to Gleevec. Gleevec is highly effective with an 89 per cent five-year survival rate, but costs patients nearly US$5,000 per month.

Additionally, Sue will continue to get injections to the bone where the cancer has also spread.

A gofundme page was created to assist with Sue’s medical bills.