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Cop implicated in the escape of prisoner gets new date

Published:Friday | June 12, 2015 | 12:00 AMChristopher Thomas


Constables Raymond Johnson and Alicia Hutchinson-Brooks, the two police officers on trial for corruption in connection with the unauthorised release of a prisoner from custody in 2013, are to return to court on June 26, when closing submissions are slated to be made.

Johnson and Hutchinson-Brooks and two other colleagues were charged in connection with the controversial escape of Greg Taylor, an individual senior police personnel later described as a dangerous man, who was implicated in criminal activities across several western parishes.

In court on Wednesday, Johnson and Hutchinson-Brooks were given the new date.

Attorney-at-law Lavern Walters, who is representing Hutchinson-Brooks, told presiding magistrate Carolyn Tie that Johnson's attorney, Leonard Green, would not be present to make his closing arguments.

"Mr Green will not be here today, but it was agreed that June 26 would be convenient for submissions to be done," said Walters.

The matter was consequently set for continuation on June 26, and Johnson and Hutchinson-Brooks had their bails extended.


According to the allegation against Johnson and Hutchinson-Brooks, on January 30, 2013, they took part in the unlawful release of Taylor from a cell at the Montego Bay police lock-up. Both of them have denied the allegations.

Johnson had previously testified that he was at a party at the time of the alleged unauthorised release of Taylor, while Hutchinson-Brooks testified that she was on duty in Savanna-la-Mar, where she was stationed at the time.

Of the other two police officers charged in connection with the incident, one was freed by the court, which found him not guilty while the other, police officer Faye Falconer, is being tried separately.

Taylor was reportedly recaptured at the home of Falconer. He was reportedly found clad in a bathrobe, hiding under a table.