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Religious family feature - The family that prays together...

Published:Saturday | June 13, 2015 | 6:00 AMGareth Davis Sr
From left: Rafike, Ronald and Helma Miller engage in family worship.
From left: Rafike (son), Helma and Ronald Miller smiling for the camera.
The Millers enjoying a meal together.

Boundbrook, Portland:

As the father and team leader, Ronald Miller, along with his family, have emphatically pronounced the goodness of worshipping their God, whose blessings, they say, continue to pave the way for them, spiritually, financially, and physically.

Miller, who is a tailor by profession, heads a family comprising wife, Helma, two sons, and two daughters. But with the unfortunate passing of his younger daughter in 2010, the family, which has been reduced to five persons, has stuck together, and through what they described as fervent prayer, has managed to remain deeply rooted in their Adventist faith.

God-fearing family

"God knows best in all things," commented Miller. He added, "We are a God-fearing family that accepts the good and the bad even when it involves the loss of a loved one. As a family, we support and comfort each other, and united, we are a tower of strength. With Jesus Christ in the vessel, we can smile at the storm."

The family has become engaged in morning and evening worship, which has become a way of life for them, and even in the worst of times, the usual suggestion or solution is to simply offer a prayer to God, who they believe is able to fix all things.

Helma, who gave up her many years of working in the United States just to be with her family full time, is no stranger to challenges having had to send four of her children to university with little or no financial backing.

"We are a family and will remain that way," said Mrs Miller. "As a family, we eat breakfast and dinner together despite the many distractions. The simple courtesies of thank you, good morning, excuse me, are instilled in my children. Jesus takes care of all my financial needs and, as such, my husband and I take great care and pride in bringing up our children in the way of the Lord. We have had our challenges, but with each obstacle, the family pulls closer," she added.

importance of family

With the youngest child, Oshea, now off to university; Veron, the eldest, on her own with a family; Rafike, a graduate of the Northern Caribbean University, now a teacher, is the only child who remains with the couple, and he oftentimes leads the charge during morning worship.

"I am just like any other youngster, "he commented.

He added ,"Family is very important and we bond together in just about everything. Life has not always been easy, but with love, family can survive the most wretched storm. I am a young Christian and at age 26 years, religion plays an integral role in my life. Family members should not be scattered or engaged in physical, verbal, and emotional conflict which causes division among them. Family should unite as unity is strength."