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Sista Sasha from the top to rock bottom …. Now praising Jesus

Published:Saturday | June 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM
CONTRIBUTED Sista Sasha before accepting Christ.
Contributed Sista Sasha now.

T THE height of a musical career, gospel artiste, Sasha, turned her back on it all and accepted Christ as her Lord and Saviour. Walking away from the secular stage was something that was planted in her heart a long time ago.

"I received Christ when I was a young girl, so that seed was there already," she told Family & Religion.

The turning point for her, though, when she had that 'light bulb moment' one night.

"I finally realised that sin made no sense. Everything in this world is temporal," she said.

Her spiritual transition didn't come without its challenges as the artiste saw herself moving from a comfortable life to hitting rock bottom.

"Whatever money I had stored up in the bank, I had to live off it for a while. I stopped doing concerts, as I wanted to focus on my spiritual life, so money in the bank went down and things became more challenging," she said.

At the time, Sista Sasha said she was building her house and, in the process, she got robbed. The Lexus truck that she owned, she had to sell it to buy building materials and pay back the workers.

"I just went to rock bottom," she reminisced. The first time Sista Sasha took public taxi, she cried.

"It was an occasion where I had to go to Ocho Rios and when I got in the taxi, people were saying, 'my God Sasha mash up till she taking taxi!'"

After getting off the vehicle, Sista Sasha cried out to God saying, "God You can't let people see me like this."

something happened

Then something happened, Sista Sasha said she felt strengthened and a peace came over her, so much so that the following day she opted to take a mini van instead!

"I started to preach on the bus telling them I am the same artiste who has now changed."

Sharing her testimony, Sista Sasha said she has proven God so many times that she has stopped counting.

When she thought she had no financial support, God used an error on her part to bless her.

"I remember I used to get some statements from my record company and I would just tear them up, not realising that a cheque was attached to the back. God knew I didn't need that money then, so He saved it for the right time," she said.

It was during her lowest moment that Atlantic Records called her mother and told her they had a cheque for Sasha, as they noticed she had not been cashing the cheques that were being sent to her.

After going through her season, the gospel artiste is now doing a lot better, her performance calendar is now quite active, and for that she is giving God the glory.

The artiste who once ruled the stage singing, recording, and performing collabs with Sean Paul and Turbulence is now consumed with a new energy and that's winning souls for Christ.

divine purpose on her life

Born Christine Chin, she said she knew all along that God had placed a divine purpose on her life and the time had come for her to step into it.

"I have no regrets at all, I am fully persuaded Jesus is the answer," she said.

"I know God is in control every time I reach a cross road that seems impossible. I mean like there is no way out. Pupa Jesus just step in!"

The singer has now added another title to her name and that is evangelist and it is a ministry she has embraced with her soul and spirit knowing it's one that was ordained by God.

She recently ministered in Trelawny and if she had any doubts about whether she was chosen for this journey, it was erased during her ministering to three people who were overcome by the Holy Spirit, gave their lives to the Lord, and were baptised.

"It was awesome, I feel encouraged," she said.

Sista Sasha's parting shot are words of encouragement for her friends.

"I want to encourage my fellow artiste friends out there. Come and see. Come and taste. Salvation sweet. It is worth the sacrifice. God loves you too and what He did for me, He can do for you. Send fear to the pit of hell. Send doubt right behind. The last train to eternal life is passing by, get on board."