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Footprints: Gavin Green - Loyal family man passes suddenly

Published:Monday | June 15, 2015 | 11:08 PM
Gavin Green

On April 5, 1981, Shelleta Reid gave birth to Gavin, the son of Vinard. His siblings include Kevin, Andia, Christine and JR.

Nash, as Gavin was called, attended White Horses Primary and Yallahs Comprehensive High School in St Thomas. He, himself, eventually fathered three children, Imari, Aeshalaun and Yanique, and married a woman named Chennisa.

But, on May 10 tragedy struck when Gavin was killed in a motor vehicle accident, along with a female friend, Assia Sinclair, on the Carey Park main road in Trelawny.

The former taxi driver's funeral day, May 23, was a most heart-breaking one as he was sent off with his grandmother, Joycelyn Bryan, who passed away on May 3. His family, relatives and friends are still trying to come to terms with the double loss.

His cousin, Omar Ryan, in particular, is deeply overwhelmed by the passing of one who, he said, was a man "of great virtue and justice".

"He stood up for the underdog, the weak, and was quick to rectify any situation he deemed unjust," Ryan revealed.

He eulogised Gavin as a brave, courageous, determined, confident, headstrong. generous, kind-hearted, proud, true and loyal family man who was enthusiastic about his family and work.

Family meant much to Gavin, Ryan said, and he was well loved by his mother.

"Nash always made his family and relatives feel good. As a spring baby he loved adventure and, hence, always took the family to different places for entertainment and adventure," Ryan recalled.

The leader with the "magnetic persona", Ryan said, was well respected among his peers, and made himself available for those who needed him.

"He was a loyal associate of many friends beyond White Horses and even St Thomas," Ryan said.

He also said his cousin, whom he loved, "lived his life with passion and zest", and "like all of us he made missteps and mistakes along his life journey".

Gavin's journey ended suddenly, and, in retrospect, Ryan remarked: "I am of the view that if my cousin was more academic formal-minded he could have self-actualised into a big executive of a business corporation and/or a charismatic political leader, a high-profile doctor, an attorney-at-law or any profession the universe would have led him to."

And the memories of the man that Gavin was will live on in his posterity, as Ryan said: "I will tell your grand kids about you. About how brave and courageous you were, how you needed no reason to stand up for your family because the reason is that we are family."

- Paul H. Williams

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