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Footprints: Myrtle Beepott - No one can fill her chair

Published:Monday | June 15, 2015 | 11:08 PM
Myrtle Beepott

At age 19, Myrtle May Samoy, born March 15, 1950 in Kingston, to Josephine and Baldow Samoy married Kenneth Beepott. The marriage subsequently produced Robin, Karen, Cindy and Neil.

But in July 1993 Kenneth died at age 47, leaving Myrtle to raise her children alone.

"At the time, we were pretty young and wondered how we would have made it," her daughter, Cindy recalled.

Myrtle rose to the challenge, and persevered.

"She took on the role of a super woman, and fathered us as well. She cared for us on her own, being only 44 years old at the time; I must say she did a marvelous job; we have had some quarrels and we have some fond memories," Cindy said.

With each of her children Myrtle had a special relationship. Neil, the youngest, was the one who lived with her up to the time of her passing. They were best of friends.

Karen and her mom were very close.

"As for me, mom and I had our own little thing going on," Cindy shared .

Myrtle Beepott eventually became a grandmother and great-grandmother.

When she got sick she didn't allow her ailments to put her down.

She still did her chores, the independent person that she was. She endured her pain, and passed away suddenly on October 2, 2012, "in that so famous chair of hers".

No one can fill that chair, or any other of her chairs, it seems, for Myrtle Beepott was an exceptional woman, fondly remembered by her love ones.

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