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Footprints: Leaford Evans - Selfless to the end

Published:Tuesday | June 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Leaford Manley Evans

Saturday morning family devotions were a constant in the Evans' household.

For any child, it was extremely painful to wake up early on a Saturday morning, but the children of the Evans household did not have a choice.

"One look at Daddy's face or the sound of his voice saying 'Rory, Teino, Nickii', time to get up,' and we knew what time it was. It was time for family devotion," echoed Aneika, the youngest of his three children.

Daddy Evans would not compromise on that because he believed firmly in the Christian principles outlined in the various scriptures and songs that would punctuate morning devotions.

Leaford Manley Evans was born on October 29, 1945, to Melvin and Enid in the quiet community of Jackson Town, Trelawny.

In 2007, he suffered a heart attack and required quadruple bypass surgery within months of his diagnosis if he was to have any chance of living.

He decided he wasn't going to do the surgery.

He had many reasons for his decision, but foremost in all of those was his belief that the God whom he served and had a special relationship which would sustain him for as long as he saw fit, and no doctor, disease or heart failure would stop him from living until it was his time to go.

Whenever that time would come, he would be ready to go.

This was by no means a selfish decision on his part, but purely selfless, as one of his concerns at the time was the cost of the surgery and aftercare which would be required, and the burden it would be on his family to finance such an operation which provided no guarantee he would live.

"It's been a year since dad's passing, (in May 2014) and yet it seems like just yesterday. No matter how the years go by, or the seasons may come and go, dad, we will forever be missing you," said Teino.

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