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Curtis Messado: God at the forefront of all good things

Published:Saturday | June 20, 2015 | 6:00 AM
Curtis Messado checks out a number of apparatuses inside this four drawer tool kit, as he prepares to carry out some maintenance work. Messado, who is also a Christian, is now a part of the engineering department
Curtis Messado, who has worked across several departments at the Secrets Resorts and Spas in Montego Bay, now transferred to the engineering department, communicates on his portable radio with another member of his department about a task to be carried out.

Curtis Messado, a room technician at the Secrets Resorts and Spa, Montego Bay, is today a man who is unabashed about his strident faith in God, whom he believes has provided a safe haven ( his job), a wonderful family, and has been the chief surgeon for the three operations he underwent recently.

A devout Christian and a deacon in the Church of Christ in Mt. Salem, St James, where he lives, Messado said he is confident that it is God who has been at the forefront of all the good things that have happened to him during and after the surgeries.

"I did two surgeries on my eyes, which cost approximately J$600,000. Where would I get that money to pay? It is this company that has paid for the surgeries and, better yet, I was off for three months. I returned, then went and did another surgery and was off for another month. According to Jamaican labour law, you are entitled to 10 days, yet I got four months and they check upon me to ensure I was taking the medication and getting well," Messado explained.

For Messado, who is also a qualified lifeguard, pool attendant, pool technician and massage therapist, he credits 'the awesome power of God' intervening in his situation and working through the management of the company to afford him such a blessing.

"God has played a major role in my life. I have seen so many things happen to other people. Many do not have a job. Some companies would have found a way to get rid of you in this situation, but, for me, things have been different, and I thank God."

He also had high praises for human resource director, Andrea Allie Thorpe, and Emilio Huhn, general manager, for having been towers of strength for him during his time of weakness.

perfect timing

"You know, God always provides you with the right people in your life at the time you need them and they have been there for me. I have ease of access to share with them, about anything, and they do treat me well, and the staff too, so I know God is at work," said Deacon Messado.

He calls his co-workers his work family. Messado said doing his job is not about the money, but to make the work environment a better place.

"People should not go to work just for the money, but should seek to create positive changes to make a difference to enhance what is there."

A family man, Messado said time management is important, so he dedicates himself to the task when he is at work, but spends time with the family and, of course, attends church devoutly on Sundays.

"There has to be a balance, so I have my diary and notebook and set the times for each, including the vacation time, so the family understands when I am not available. Some weekends, we do have more time and we spend much of it together with God, who is at the centre of our lives," said Messado.