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Education Ministry wants prosecution over ganja-laced sweets

Published:Monday | June 22, 2015 | 3:23 PM
An example of the candies which are laced with ganja and are being accessed by students.

The Education Ministry is calling for the authorities to pursue and prosecute vendors who sell sweets laced with ganja to students.

The call from the Education Ministry follows the disclosure last week that students at the privately run Hillel Academy got sick after ingesting ganja through a popular candy.

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Thwaites, who is attending an education conference in the Bahamas, is reiterating that the use of ganja, tobacco and alcohol is forbidden in schools.

He says persons who market the products, in any form, to students should be prosecuted.


The Education Minister says he is confident that the administration at Hillel will appropriately deal with the issue.

Meanwhile, he says more public education is required to inform students and the wider public on the implications of the usage of ganja and recent legal changes. 


Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites

While the laws on ganja usage have been liberalised, the drug remains illegal in Jamaica.