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Jamaicans most dissatisfied with local government - study

Published:Wednesday | June 24, 2015 | 9:36 AM

A study has shown Jamaica as the country in the Americas with the lowest level of satisfaction and confidence in its local government.

The Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) shows that only 33.7 per cent of Jamaicans trust the local government and 40.5 per cent are satisfied with local government services.

This places Jamaica at the bottom of the list of 25 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Chile is the highest ranking country with 57.3 per cent of its population trusting the local government, while Canada, which recorded 61.8 per cent, had the highest satisfaction rate in relation to local government services.

In CARICOM, Haiti with a local government satisfaction rate of 47.8 per cent and Trinidad and Tobago with 41.1 per cent of the population both surpassed Jamaica.

Meanwhile, the LAPOP study finds a direct relation between trust in the government and the performance of government services.

It also shows that out of the 25 countries surveyed, Jamaica had the lowest levels for trust in Local government and evaluation of local government services.

Described as the American Barometer 2014, the data collected is a result of over 41,000 face to face interviews.

The International study has been collecting the opinions from people of the Americas since the 1970’s.