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Business Channel Coming July 5

Published:Friday | June 26, 2015 | 12:00 AMDoran Dixon
Denzie Stephenson-Miller, general manager, Business Access TV, and her husband, Oneil Miller.
Valerie Viera (left), chief executive officer of the Jamaica Business Development Corporation, and her niece, Ashley Codner, pose for the camera.
From left: Roger Lyn, marketing manager, Rainforest Seafoods; Anika Smith; marketing manager, Mayberry Investments; and Steven Steele, managing director of Iprint Ja, are out for the launch of Business Access TV.
From left: Leighton Davis, managing director, Creative Media and Events; Gregory Mayne, managing director of GM Realty; and Garth Walker, managing director of Business Access TV, pose for reporters at the launch.

"It's no longer business as usual. The time has come to change the game." That claim by Garth Walker and Leighton Davis, creators of Wealth Magazine, signals the birth

of Business Access TV,

scheduled to begin airing exclusively on Flow's Channel 185 on July 5.

The mission of Wealth Magazine was to showcase and facilitate large and emerging businesses and entrepreneurs. Business Access TV expands and explores the scope and diversity of this message, offering programmes at the highest industry standard.

Business Access TV will feature original and creative lifestyle and business programming such as 'Business News', a daily comprehensive round-up of top business news developments from Jamaica, the region and internationally. Also on the schedule is 'Jamaicon' - a half-hour investigative series on white-collar crime and con artists in Jamaica.

The new channel will be on air 24 hours, with business and lifestyle content, and comprise only local programmes intended to "motivate, educate and inspire", Walker said.

It will feature local businessmen and women and their many trials in operating or starting a successful business, and facilitate the disbursement of business-related information which can help entrepreneurs to gauge and better understand the "vital signs of the economy".

According to Walker, the channel will also provide a focal point of dissemination for valuable insights into the business world, as well as a window into new developments that will affect the country and, ultimately, business.