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'Daddy, I am going to learn from you'

Published:Friday | June 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Trenyece (centre), along with her parents Tracian and Richard Reid.

"I can achieve what I set my mind to, and I will do well in GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test)," were the sound words used by 12-year-old Trenyece Reid on the day of the examination.

Reid, a student of the Charagape Kindergarten and Elementary School in Mandeville, cuts a confident figure and has earned herself a reputation in her community as a capable individual who does not allow hardships to get in her way in spite of the financial challenges that her family faces.

A proud mother and father smiled at their daughter as she spoke about her GSAT results.

"I am pleased with the results that I got. I got 94 per cent in maths, 90 per cent in language arts, 95 per cent in social studies and 92 per cent in science," she told The Gleaner.

Tracian Reid, mother of the child, stressed how proud she was of her daughter's achievements, given her situation. There were days when the family did not have money for taxi fare but, because young Reid is popular in her community, the taxi drivers would willingly take her to school and back.

"Financially, it's a little rough. However, because she is a quiet individual, I made the decision to send her to this private school. I wasn't working, so it was extremely hard, but because of what I wanted for her, I had to find the means necessary to send her to school," she said.

"The taxi drivers know her. Everybody is proud that she will be going to her school of choice," Tracian declared.

greatest motivation

Trenyece's greatest motivation came from her father, Richard Reid, who dropped out of high school. He expressed his disappointments as he did not get a chance at obtaining a degree. however, he is currently working as a security officer.

"I dropped out of high school. I did not get another chance to further my education. However, overcoming struggles is my area of expertise in terms of knowing how to make the ends meet," he stressed.

"There were times when I would sit at home stressing myself out and Trenyece would come and say, 'daddy, don't worry'. When I heard the results, I was overjoyed because we have our father-daughter moments where she would say to me, 'daddy I am going to learn from you'," he stated merrily.

Trenyece Reid will be starting at Manchester High School in September.

- Oneneka Brown