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Delmas Brown preaching since age 12

Published:Saturday | June 27, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Delmas Brown
Delmas Brown preaching in church.
Contributed Photos Delmas Brown interacting with students.

ASIA, Manchester:

DELMAS BROWN was not the average 12-year-old who was occupied by the many activities that intrigued boys of his age. Instead, he could be found in several churches and tent crusades preaching the word.

"I felt my life at 12 was empty and needed a change for the better. I wanted something more than just an ordinary everyday experience. This prompted my decision to be baptised as I know that the only answer that I have to my problems was the one Jesus had. I needed somewhat of a new hope and after some self-evaluation and prompting by the Holy Spirit, I felt ready at age 12 to give my heart over to Christ in service," he told Family and Religion.

Brown added: "I started preaching at the age of 12. The inspiration came from the Holy Spirit's conviction that many persons are in need of the truth, but not enough persons to actually tell them. My first crusade was at age 12 with another evangelist also 12 years old and a co-evangelist also 12 years old. We preached in the first ever 'Child's Crusade' at my home church that saw 12 precious souls giving their hearts over to the Lord and for that we all said God be praised."

Even with his passion for ministry and his focus, Brown admits it is never easy walking the path of the straight and narrow.

Christian journey

"The Christian journey has been one marked by joys, sorrows, the good, bad and the ugly, but my joys outweigh my down turns. I have had moments in my Christian life where I thought that I was alone.

Sometimes you feel discouraged and abandoned and I am no superman. It is important to never compromise or lower your standards for instant gratification no matter how intense a moment might get. Keep reading the word and supplementary Christian literature as I have found this to be an excellent source of Christian motivation for our youth. The road will not be easy, but like the song writer, "If every day was an easy day then you would not be able to say that Jesus brought you through."

A topical issue among young Christians is the ability to have fun in a wholesome atmosphere, but Brown said this is possible.

"Christianity has vastly improved my social life as a critical component of the church is social and evangelical outreach, and this I find joy in undertaking. As a Christian, I am never short of good clean and wholesome fun, and my social life has been enriched drastically due to the social interactions I have. I think the hardest thing to do was to separate myself from the crowd. Being a Christian, you are not exempt from society's ills and also from the day-to-day bad influences that may be around, but with support you can make it."

support system

He continued: "Because my friends and associates have always been supportive of my belief system, they know that there are certain boundaries that will come into play."

Since his ministry, Brown said his most memorable moment has been touching lives through the Holy Spirit.

"One day we were out at an outreach giving out tracts and I prayed for a woman without knowing her specific needs, to the working of the Holy Spirit, I prayed for the exact issue the woman was facing and she burst into tears, reminding me that Jesus still knows how to reach us once we are communing with Him in prayer. I have no greater joy than populating heaven and diminishes the population of hell," Brown told Family and Religion.

Currently pursuing a business administration degree, Brown fully affirms his calling to preach the word of God the world over.