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Teen Testimony: Matthew Williams – snatched from death to serve the Lord

Published:Saturday | June 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Matthew Williams

OLD HARBOUR, St Catherine:

SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Old Harbour High School fourth-form student Matthew Williams is the picture of confidence now. He speaks with precision and there is no missing that light in his eyes as he talks about his four-year walk with the Lord.

He has come a long way from the 12-year-old who woke up one Wednesday morning in 2011 and told his grandmother he wanted to be baptised right away in the fasting service at his church, Straight Gate Apostolic Church of God in Bullet Tree, St Catherine.

Growing up in a family of believers, Matthew said the last thing on his mind was giving his life to the Lord. He wasn't even sure he believed in him. He was happy to be the odd one out in the family and took great pride in it.

"But the weird thing about it is that even though I claimed I didn't believe in God, I was always telling my friends about him," the teen told Family and Religion.

There was no denying that the hand of the Lord was upon his life as he said he had several experiences, which when he related them to his grandmother, she told him the "anointing was upon him and he should give his life to the Lord".

But it wasn't until a really bad asthma attack, which saw him almost walking through death's door, that he had an awakening.

"I remembered being very weak and all I wanted to do was sleep away. They gave me nebuliser and tablets, then I heard the doctor say there was nothing more they could do for me," he said about the incident that took place when he was about 10 years old.

lost consciousness

Matthew said he wasn't able to speak, but he remembered saying in his mind, "If it's you Lord, just heal me and whatever you ask of me it shall be done," before he lost consciousness.

During that phase, he said he experienced falling into a pit with a fire raging at the bottom before he was snatched and placed in a beautiful garden. He heard a voice saying, 'Your work is not finished yet. There is a lot to do. The devil will come after you, but keep on fighting."

Matthew said when he regained consciousness, his mother told him he had passed out in her arms.

Two years later, after that experience, Matthew made things right, he didn't hesitate. once the decision was made, he could not wait to be baptised.

Having won that battle, Matthew said he decided to give God his all. He became more involved in his church, being a member of four choirs, the praise and worship team, and he even preaches sermonettes.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, Matthew said his life now is all about ministry as he looks to God to guide him to his dream of matriculating to the Caribbean Maritime Institute. He also wants to be a preacher.