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Bailiff cannot locate policewoman ordered to pay woodworker

Published:Tuesday | June 30, 2015 | 1:58 PM

A man who got an award of $700,000 from the Supreme Court is frustrated that the bailiff cannot locate the policewoman who was ordered to pay the money.

Dennis Davis, a woodworker, brought a successful suit against the cop, Udine Downy, for failing to pay him the full amount for work he did on her house in 2009.

Last December, the Supreme Court ruled in his favour and in February, he obtained an order for seizure and sale against the policewoman, who is an acting superintendent of police.

The order states that the bailiff for Kingston and St Andrew is empowered to seize and sell goods for the amount to satisfy the debt.

Humphrey Jones, one of the bailiffs in the matter, told The Gleaner yesterday, that he was informed that the policewoman was stationed in Clarendon.

He said since he got the writ, he has been to the station at least four times but each time he was told that she was not at work.

He said messages have not been returned and all attempts to find the cop continue to fail.

Jones said he was still making every effort to execute the order.

According to the bailiff, it's often difficult to find persons to execute writs on them.