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Bills to postpone local Government elections to go before parliament today

Published:Tuesday | June 30, 2015 | 9:16 AM

The Government is being condemned as it moves to take two bills to parliament this afternoon to postpone local Government elections.

The schedule for today’s meeting of the House of Representatives has indicated that the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation General Election (Postponement) Act, 2015 and the Parish Councils General Election (Postponement) Act, 2015 are to be taken to parliament.

It has indicated the Government intends to have them taken through all their concluding stages, which would include passage.

The postponement has become necessary because local government elections have been due since March 3, with the latest date by which it must be held being today.

However, opposition spokesman on local government, Desmond McKenzie, says the latest move by the Portia Simpson Miller-led administration is a dark moment for local government.


Opposition spokesman on local government, Desmond McKenzie

McKenzie says the opposition will be strongly voicing its objection to the handling of local government.

However, he has acknowledged that opposition MPS will be unable to do anything about the passage of the Bills today given the Government’s majority.


Opposition spokesman on local government, Desmond McKenzie