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Footprints: Pauline Gooden - A wonderful life remembered

Published:Tuesday | June 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Pauline Gooden

Pauline Gooden died on June 26 last year after battling cancer, and her only child, Mark-Paul Cowan, told Footprints, "Deep in our hearts a treasured memory is stored of one we love and shall never forget."

The "gregarious soul" with the "contagious laughter" was said to be a kind woman "who loved entertaining and helping others in her spare time".

"While Pauline struggled with her illness, she still found a way to reach out to everyone and ensured that her famous 'hit-or-miss' corn bread or Saturday pot of soup would reach their intended destinations," Cowan recalled.

Though the biological mother of one child, Gooden, born December 1950 in Belmont, St James, was a big sister who mothered her siblings, Ashby, Junior, Fitzroy, Marcia, Evette, and Nathalie, and who made many sacrifices for her family.

"Her wisdom and positivity were always a beacon of light to those around her. She was a highly regarded confidante and adviser to men and women of high and low stations in life," Cowan said.

He was her life. She proudly raised him, meeting his needs, and gave him a solid education to make him the attorney that he is. Gooden herself was a stickler for justice.

"There was no burden too difficult to bear in the way of righting injustice," Cowan said. "Moreover, Pauline enjoyed engaging with young people and was a strong advocate for children's rights. She was always firm in matters of human decency and integrity and grounded her family with her unwavering moral compass as her guide."

"She is in a better place now. Earth has one less gentle soul, and Heaven, one more angel. Memories of you we will always keep. Never selfish, always loving and kind, these are memories you leave behind," Cowan said.

- P.H.W.

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