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Neville Salmon - Farmer, family man loved by all

Published:Tuesday | June 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Neville Salmon

Farmer, family man loved by all

On the second day of January, 1950, Lucile Thomas and Leroy Salmon gave birth to a baby boy they named Neville Agustus Salmon, who grew up to become a devoted father to seven children, and a loving husband to a wife of 26 years.

Salmon lived in the bread basket parish of St Elizabeth where he took care of his children Nicola, Evan, Rayan, Avery, Khaddone, Jason, and Sunan in every way he could. He migrated to Canada in 1987 on the farm work programme, which he continued to take part in until 1997. He also did mason work and enjoyed dancing.

But the farmer was still in the man as he went back to tilling the soil, but this time in Jamaica.

Salmon planted hot peppers - Scotch bonnett peppers to be exact - and he continued this in St Elizabeth, where he would sell his produce and take care of his family.

Neville's wife, Joan, adored him. She described him as a fun-loving person who was very caring.

But despite his happy-go-lucky personality, he was saddened when he became ill.

In 2013, he found out he had prostate cancer, and, after having surgery, he later learned that his situation had worsened instead of turning around as he had hoped.

Salmon was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Throughout his time battling this illness, he would talk on the phone to one of his younger sisters, Marverly Thomas Miller, who resided in Toronto, Canada.

Distance couldn't tear the love apart.

"We would share memories over the phone and I would tell him about my life and he would tell me about what was happening around him," his sister said.

"All siblings fight ... but Neville cared for us all despite our differences, and I am not saying this because he is my brother. He was really caring and loving. He was one of the nicest persons to meet, and everyone loved him."

Neville was described by his wife as a strict father and a respectable man.

"He taught his children respect by showing them and others around respect."

The family man, loving father, grandfather, and great-grandfather died on June 14 at age 65.

- Rasheda Myles