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UTECH Students Seek Revision of Payment Plan

Published:Wednesday | July 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM

With many students struggling to make good on tuition payments for university courses, the Students' Union at the University of Technology (UTech) has been advocating for a revision of the current payment plan, which sees students paying up to 80 per cent of fees prior to being registered.

Speaking with The Gleaner, Students' Union President Darrian McGhann said students were finding it difficult to pay fees based on the payment plan now in place.

"Separately from the cost per credit, the problem with the payment plan is ... the amount that is required upfront. We think that it is too high and we have been advocating for a revision of that," he said.

McGhann indicated that the union had put forward a proposal for the university to accept 60 per cent of the fees upfront instead of 80 per cent.

The Students' Union president argued that 60 per cent was a reasonable amount, given that a proposal for an amount of 30 per cent was rejected by the university two years ago.

"In order for them to run their operations, they have to ensure that they have enough cash flow, so we can't be too selfish," he said.


McGhann disclosed that he had been in discussions with the chief business and finance officer at the university.

"He made a counter for a 65 per cent payment plan, but what I have said to him is that 60 per cent is much easier for students to jump on to," he said.

Director of communications at UTech, Hector Wheeler, said the university had not delisted the students.

"The university has not delisted any student. Delisting is a serious measure. When you delist a person, that means you are kicking them out of the university and the university cannot do that legally so easily," he said.

Wheeler urged students who have challenges paying fees to have dialogue with the admini-stration of the university.