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Grace recalls nine batches of its baked beans in Jamaica

Published:Thursday | July 2, 2015 | 8:54 AM

Grace Foods has issued a recall of nine batches of its Grace baked beans in Jamaica.

The recall affects certain of the 300g cans with the following can codes:

  1. 15JU121GD  BK - BB 2016/12/12
  2. 15JU112 GD  BK - BB 2016/12/11
  3. 15JU111 GD  BK - BB 2016/12/11
  4. 15JU102 GD  BK - BB 2016/12/10
  5. 15JU101 GD  BK - BB 2016/12/10
  6. 15JU091 GD  BK - BB 2016/12/09
  7. 15JU092 GD  BK - BB 2016/12/09
  8. 15JU081 GD  BK - BB 2016/12/08
  9. 15JU082 GD  BK - BB 2016/12/08

Senior General Manager, Manufacturing, Andrew Ho, says the company noticed the swelling of some cans during routine internal checks.

Ho says there is a remote probability that the batches identified may cause adverse health consequences.

The company says as a result it decided to recall the affected product to protect consumers and says it will be taking all necessary steps to address the irregularities. 

It says consumers who purchased baked beans from the affected batches should return the product to the point of purchase, where the full cost will be refunded.