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Hello Mi Neighbour : Live for others, not just yourself

Published:Thursday | July 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Hello mi neighbour! For a better world, our primordial duty is less about understanding or agreeing with one another and more about loving others as much as we love ourselves. Even though this timeless concept is no longer relevant for many persons, who can find a suitable replacement?

From day one, the Creator knew that there was no better way to manage relationships and relatedness in this crazy mixed-up world where free will and free thoughts lead to the weirdest and most disgusting types of behaviours.

The fact is, our connectedness does not allow us to allow others to exercise their free will as freely as they would like to. A recent scene outside a popular supermarket helps my point. A young woman alighted a heavily tinted motor vehicle and headed towards the entrance of the facility. A few youngsters on the outside (not employed to the supermarket) were clearly offended by her action and were adamant that she "caan guh inn di place suh" and commanded her to "tek weh herself and guh put on clothes". Long and short, common sense staved off what could have been a tragic end.


unwise thinking


That scene has highlighted the erroneous and unwise thinking that we can do as we please without offending other people. If people would follow the basic innate or inculcated code of ethics for human existence, this world would be a paradise. We should always respect the privacy of others, display good manners and apologise when we are wrong, etc. But almost everyone is guilty of breaking these rules.

To come back to my opening point, it is only when we seek to love the other person as much as ourselves that we are better able to work together for the good of all. Whatever else we may try or invent outside this principle will never work. Therefore, let's all embrace this principle, starting with each reader. And remember, love is more about acts of kindness than good feelings. Here are a few tips on how to develop neighbourly love:

- Be a good listener

- Seek out your neighbour

- Share good news with them

- Don't render evil for evil

- Respect others' boundaries.

For those who think they lack the capacity to follow these tips, please have a talk with your maker, with whom nothing is impossible.

An old Indian proverb says that there are two wolves living inside each person. One is full of evil and desires to destroy anything it catches. The other possesses a strong desire to care for the weak and less fortunate. The one that grows is the one which is fed. The good wolf grows strong and healthy when fed on a diet of good thoughts while the bad one grows on a diet of negativity.




1. Miss Honigan, St Andrew, for offering a stove to Marcia, St Andrew.

2. Neighbour, Clarendon, for offering of clothing.

3. Audrey, St Andrew, for offering a wheelchair to Linnet, St Andrew.

4. Mrs Bent, St Ann, for offering a stove, a mattress and clothing to Sachan, St Mary.

5. Andrea, St Andrew, for offering clothing to a 10-year-old girl.




- Marsha is asking neighbours for a mattress for a bunk bed.

- Lorna, Clarendon, is asking neighbours for a table.

- Neighbour, asks for a bed.

- Marie, Clarendon, a mother of four, is asking for two igloos to buy and sell juice at a school.

- Neighbour, St Catherine, whose father is terminally ill, has a brother who has to have regular dialysis. Asking for financial assistance.

- Grace, St Mary, is asking for help to go back to nursing school.

- Neighbour, St Catherine, asking for a chest-of-drawers.

- Malala, unemployed, asking for help with food.

- Neighbour needs $11,000 to do a heart test. Also needs food and refrigerator to store medication.

- Neighbour, St Mary, asking neighbours for a table.

- Clover, a mother of three, is asking for a mattress.

- Beverley, St Catherine is an elderly neighbour asking for a television.

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