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Government ordered to pay $25 million to 66-year-old wheelchair-bound man

Published:Friday | July 3, 2015 | 12:00 AMBarbara Gayle Justice Coordinator

The government has been ordered to pay $25 million to a 66-year-old man who was forced to stop working and now requires 24-hour care after he fell into a pothole while on his way from work in Rocky Point, Clarendon in 2008. 

Leroy Jones, who is now wheelchair bound, was a distiller at the New Yarmouth sugar factory and a tailor.

He was riding a bicycle when he suffered the injuries. 

Justice Lorna Shelly-Williams made the order  in relation to the case this week. 

Jones is to receive $21.7 million for general damages, pain and suffering and loss of amenities.

The balance is to cover special damages which include the cost of a helper and loss of income.

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Jones' daughter, Juliet, had brought the lawsuit against the government arising from the incident which took place on May 26, 2008.

The respondents were the Attorney General and  PA Lawson Engineering and Construction Limited, the company that was working on the road at the time of the incident.

It was argued that the company was an agent of the State because it was employed by the government to do the roadwork. 

The Government had accepted liability and the matter proceeded to assessment resulting in this week's order. 

Jones is 85 per cent disabled and can only sit upright for a maximum 30 minutes at a time.