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My facebook friend wants to get serious with me

Published:Saturday | July 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

My Facebook friend wants to get serious with me

Dear Joan,

I have been corresponding with a nice gentleman I met on Facebook. We have even gone to the stage where we are now talking every day on WhatsApp. We share ideas and talk about all sorts of Christian issues, and he is saying all the things I want to hear. Based on the many conversations we have had, I am already in love with his mind.

He now wants us to take things to the next level. He lives in the United States and he says when he comes to Jamaica, he wants us to get together and make plans.

I am so excited and can't wait for him to get here. My reason for writing you is that many of my friends are warning me to be careful as they say I could be heading for trouble. What do you think?

- T.H.


Dear T.H.,

I will add my voice to those of your friends and tell you to be careful before you venture into any kind of relationship. You should be cognisant of the fact that a lot of people on Facebook don't even give correct information about themselves. You will see an address posted about living in Florida, or any other state for that matter, when they are living right here in Jamaica.

Many young girls have paid the price because of relationships that started on Facebook. The trouble is that there are many of dishonest people out there.

In regards to his saying what you want to hear, he could very well be playing his cards right and saying all the right things you want to hear.

I don't mean to discourage you, but if you have to meet him, do not do so alone. It doesn't hurt to be careful. He could very well be the man of your dreams, and if he is. you will find that out over time. There is another opinion you should be seeking other than mine - talk to your Heavenly Father about this and prayerfully seek His guidance in this major step that you want to embark on.

I do hope things work out for you.

- Joan

Help! My husband prefers his mother's cooking

Dear Joan,

I am silently simmering about my husband's behaviour. We have been married for over five years now, and would you believe it, he still likes to go over to his mother's to eat! I would not say I am the greatest cook in the world, but I can help myself. I get annoyed at the way he just seems to prefer his mother's cooking. I can't fault him when it comes to taking care of the house or being there for me, but I just wish he would show more enthusiasm for the meals that I prepare.

Sometimes when he comes home and I have the food for him, he tells me he already stopped at his mom's and she gave him dinner. He used to take a dish for me, but I told him I don't like to eat two meals.

On Sundays, it's a ritual. If he doesn't go to her house, she sends his dinner over. I am on the brink of asking him why he bothered to get married!

- K.C.


Dear K.C.,

Honestly, at the risk of having readers' wrath come down on me, I honestly don't know why you are getting so frustrated. You say he can't be faulted when it comes on to taking care of the house or being there for you. There are worse things in a marriage than a man who loves his mother's cooking.

Personally, there are days when I stop at my mom's house just to get a plate of her delicious meal. I even take some home for my husband and we both enjoy it together!

Instead of simmering inside and driving yourself crazy, I think you should have a nice talk with your husband. Let him know how left out you feel, but please don't nag. Do it in a non-confrontational way, and see if you both can find a common ground. It wouldn't hurt either to have some culinary conversations with your mother-in-law. She just might reveal a thing or two!


- Joan

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