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The struggles of a backslider

Published:Saturday | July 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Randal Rushie speaks of his struggles to walk with God.

FOLLY ROAD, Portland:

Randal Rushie, a backsliding Christian, who has indulged in repeated acts of fornication hopes to find his way back to the house of God.

Rushie, who was baptised in December 2014 at Free Gospel Church, Port Antonio, turned to smoking cigarettes and drinking rum six months after surrendering his life to God. His decision to backslide haunts him daily.

"I got lonely shortly after. I started smoking Matterhorn cigarettes just for comfort, and then I started on the alcohol. At first, I felt guilty, and whenever I saw my church brother or sister, I would hide. Yes I was doing all the wrong things and I was ashamed, and on top of that, I didn't want anyone to know that I was doing those things," he told Family and Religion.

The need for sex also came into play shortly after, and according to Rushie, while he wanted to return to church and walk the narrow path, lust got the better of him, and it came as no surprise that he finally gave in to sex with his girlfriend.

A tailor by profession, Rushie who spoke with Family and Religion on Tuesday, explained that he is now having serious discussions with his female companion in a bid to get married - a move that will guarantee his return to serving God full-time.

But for the time being, Rushie has pointed out that the rum and cigarette offer him levels of comfort and relaxation for now, as he is not living under the same roof with his female friend.

"I have every intention of returning to church, but it is rather challenging when you are not married. I have my weakness, but I have made a promise that as soon as I get married to my female friend, I will return to church for good this time around."