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myReport: When a 57-pound pit bull mauled my five-year-old girl

Published:Friday | July 31, 2015 | 9:49 AM
Taj-Lee recovery following an attack by a 57-pound pit bull.

Sharon Tomlinson has recounted the horror of March 1, 2014 when her four-year-old daughter was mauled by a pit bull in Mandeville, Manchester. 

"I ran over to the dog and grabbed him, not knowing that once the dogs bite down, their jaws lock. The owner picked up a truck rim and dropped it on his head, to no avail," she said.

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"I grabbed the dog around his throat shouting 'Let her go!' Nothing. In order to save her, I had to rip her leg from his mouth and the blood was spewing like a broken pipe," Tomlinson recounts.

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