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Something Extra

Published:Friday | August 28, 2015 | 8:00 AMKeisha Hill
From left standing: Shavany Ulett, Shevon Ulett, Shamario Ulett with their sister Shawnalee Ulett and youngest sibling Shalomy Ulett with their mother Letalee Ulett (seated). The Uletts were presented with back-to-school and supermarket gift vouchers courtesy of Nestlé.
Letalee Ulett proudly shows her gift vouchers when the Nestle team visited her home.

It isn't often that you find persons who are appreciative of random acts of kindness that they receive. However, 37 year-old mother of five, Letalee Ulett of Central Village in St Catherine was filled with gratitude after she received several gifts courtesy of the 'Nestle As You Wish Promotion.'

Ulett wrote to the 'Nestle As You Wish Promotion' requesting assistance to send her children back to school. She was in for a big surprise when the Nestle team visited her home and presented her with gift vouchers courtesy of Sangster's Book Stores, supermarket vouchers and a gift basket of products.

"I am so excited and overwhelmed. I thought I was late when I sent in the entry. I have never received anything like this before. When I told the children Nestle would be helping us they were very happy," Ulett said.

With eight persons living in a two-bedroom board house, life has been challenging for Ulett and her family. Her husband occasionally works as a block maker and according to Ulett while he works hard to provide for the family it is difficult at times.

"I do household work. I was taking care of an elderly gentleman but he died in April and I haven't been working since. I was worried about how we would send the children back to school," she said.

"People ask me how we manage with five children. I tell them to ask God. Sometimes they don't have anything to eat. But my children are humble and they satisfy with what we can afford to give them," Ulett said.

For 16-year-old Shamario Ulett, the surprise was overwhelming. "We have never experienced anything like this before. I am very thankful for what Nestle has done for us," he said.

In celebration of its 75th anniversary, Nestle will be granting wishes to Jamaican families, be it a wheelchair, hamper of groceries or an educational grant. The wish should speak to a genuine need that once granted can enhance and touch lives in a meaningful way.