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Dust Nuisance Forces Massive Back-to-School Clean Up at Greenwich All Age

Published:Friday | September 4, 2015 | 9:00 AM
Rose Clarke sweeps up and carries out clean-up work at Greenwich All-Age School last week in preparation for back to school.

With a few days to go before the reopening of school, clean-up activities at the Greenwich All-Age School have been intensified given the cover of dust which has engulfed classrooms at the institution.

When a Gleaner team visited the school last week, auxiliary workers were trying to eradicate the build-up of dust which has been attributed to the nature of the soil composition of the playing field located just outside the classrooms.

Principal at the school, Bryan Guscott, told The Gleaner that he delayed the clean-up activities so as to avoid having to repeat the clean-up efforts.

"We would not have done much cleaning before, so we had all of that dust build up during the holiday so we would not have cleaned up, because if we had cleaned up, we would have wasted our time," he said. "So, yes, there has been a build-up because we did not do any clean-up before, but we chose not to because it would not have been a prudent move."

Playfield the problem

Guscott added: "The playfield is the main cause; it is grassless and so that is where most of the dust comes from. The playfield is good for us, but it is posing a nuisance for us in terms of the dust," he said.

He went on to point out that steps were to be taken to bring the dust cover under control, noting that the dust has a minimal impact on students when school is in session.

"We have bought some sprinklers and we are hoping we will get a steady water supply so that we can keep the field damp during school," he said.