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WEST KINGSTON ENQUIRY: Resident testifies she saw soldier kill unarmed man of unsound mind

Published:Tuesday | September 15, 2015 | 12:57 PMLivern Barrett, Gleaner Writer

A resident of Tivoli Gardens this morning testified that she saw a soldier kill an unarmed man believed to be of unsound mind during the May 2010 police-military operations.

Minnette Lindsay told the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry that Major Garth Anderson - one of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) commanders during the operation -- "was sitting on a railing" close to where the man who she identified as Sydney Clarke was shot.

"Lick out him head," Lindsay recounted as she was led through her evidence by attorney for the Tivoli Committee Michael Williams.

Recounting the circumstances under which Clarke was killed, Lindsay said an army vehicle with men rounded up in the west Kingston community came to Dreckett Place to collect other detainees.

Noting that the truck was already packed with detainees, she said she overheard one soldier saying "who can't hold inna the truck run."

"Him (Clarke) tek off and run. You see by him reach a the truck front... You see the soldier weh say 'who can't hold in a di truck run' a no him shoot him enuh, it's another soldier beside him shoot him (Clarke)," she testified.

Lindsay insisted that she saw the incident and said "a lot of people were there when it happened."

She said Clarke's body remained on Dreckett Place for two days before it was removed by another group of soldiers.

Lindsay said she did not see when the body was removed, but commission chairman Sir David Simmons alerted her to a section of a witness statement she provided in which she claimed she saw when a truck with soldiers came to remove the body.

"That's not quite true?" Simmons asked.

"Deh so no write good," she responded.