Tue | Sep 25, 2018

Way cleared for PNP election in North East St Elizabeth, court lifts injunction

Published:Wednesday | September 16, 2015 | 12:03 PM

The injunction which barred the People's National Party (PNP) from undertaking a candidate selection in North East St Elizabeth has been lifted.

This now clears the way for the exercise to go ahead.

The injunction was lifted by Supreme Court judge Justice Bryan Sykes this morning after PNP member and former Mayor of Black River, Daphne Holmes, withdrew her application.

No order was made as to legal cost.

Holmes had gone to court to block the PNP from going ahead with the candidate selection in North East St Elizabeth.

She is a supporter of the sitting MP Raymond Pryce.

Holmes had claimed that Pryce’s challenger Evon Redman was not eligible to be a candidate for selection based on the party’s constitution.

In response to the court application, the leadership of the PNP decided to postpone the selection exercise.

News came yesterday that the party did not accept Pryce’s application to represent the PNP in the constituency.

Redman is expected to be the party’s standard bearer for the next general elections.