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WEST KINGSTON ENQUIRY: Attorney says witnesses fearful of ridicule, staying away

Published:Thursday | September 17, 2015 | 6:32 PM

One of the attorneys at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry is suggesting that Tivoli residents have stayed away from testifying because they feel they will be ridiculed.

The hearing ended early on Tuesday afternoon and was not held yesterday because of the unavailability of the scheduled witnesses.

The attorney for the Tivoli Committee, Michael Williams, says while he has not spoken to the witnesses who were scheduled to appear yesterday, persons in the community have stated that they are afraid of being embarrassed.


Attorney for the Tivoli Committee, Michael Williams.

Williams says the tone of some of the attorneys at the enquiry has contributed to residents feeling the way they do.

At the close of proceedings on Tuesday, Williams had suggested he was having issues getting some of his witnesses to attend the sitting.

He told commission chairman Sir David Simmons that three witnesses should have arrived at the enquiry in a taxi which was sent for them on Tuesday, but only one showed up.

However, Sir David did not allow him to say why they had not turned up to give their testimonies.