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Jamalco dust angers Manchester residents, proper compensation demanded

Published:Friday | September 18, 2015 | 2:25 PM

Residents of Sherwood District and adjoining areas in south Manchester are demanding that Jamalco properly compensate them for the dust nuisance associated with mining in the parish. 

The angry residents gathered last evening in protest to press their demands. 

The residents say it has been close to two years since a one off payment was made, however, their lives are still severely impacted by the company’s presence in the area.

They say they are suffering from respiratory problems as a result of the nuisance and some children have had to be kept away from school as a result.

Other residents say, they are unable to keep clean water in their water tanks and the company is unreliable with trucking water. 

According to residents, earlier this week a team from the company visited the community and a payment of $2,000 per room was suggested.

However, the residents rejected this offer.

When The Gleaner contacted Jamalco, Communications Director Donnamarie Brooks- Gordon said the company has gone beyond the 100 yard mark to provide compensation to those within 600 feet of mining operations.

She also admitted that the dust, has gotten out of hand due to the drought and windy conditions despite the company's wetting activities.

Brooks-Gordon said residents are typically compensated based on the size of their home.

As a result, she says its unlikely that a resident would receive only $2,000 from the company.

The Jamalco Communications Director says the company will review its compensation policy.

However, Brooks Gordon gave no timeline for a completion of the review.