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Acts of the Holy Spirit Empowers Women through Conference

Published:Saturday | September 19, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Minister Marcia Flash, left, and Pastor Dorrett Black at the Acts of the Holy Spirit International Women’s Conference.
Pastor Dorrett Blake of the Acts of the Holy Spirit Ministries International located at 1F Villa Road, Mandeville .

Mandeville, Manchester

We have often heard the expression, 'Happy on the outside, dead on the inside' used to describe a person who is emotionally overwhelmed but still tries to put their best foot forward. There is no doubt that this is the reality of a significant number of our women today.

The Acts of the Holy Spirit Ministries International, in highlighting this phase of despair as a stepping stone to higher heights, held a three-day women's conference at the Golf View Hotel, free of cost.

With several speakers arranged to address different issues that affect women, host pastor of the ministry, Dorrett Blake, stated that her life is testimony of the saving grace of God and His ability to heal all.

"I have ministered in different women's conferences locally and internationally, however, this one is special because I get to choose and address issues that affect women from different walks of life and in different age groups. The speakers are women who have experienced deep-valley circumstances. They have fought depression, oppression, disappointments, and have experienced great losses."

She added: "There are times when we feel all alone, times when we hide the pain behind well-manicured masks, afraid to expose the pain for fear of rejection and ridicule. This conference provides a medium for needs to be met, questions to be answered and wounds to begin the healing and restoration process.

"....Women are my heartbeats because I understand what it feels like to look good, smell good to be beautifully done up, but broken on the inside and I know that when the Lord allowed me to go through my process, now I understand why ... Women there is purpose in your pain."

Blake, who has been in ministry for approximately 18 years with co-pastor and husband, Paul Blake, after spending 17 years in the banking industry, is particularly pleased with the ability to influence others to touch lives.

One speaker for the conference, Marcia Flash, brought tears to eyes of those present as she gave an account of the trials she endured before God gave her deliverance.

Having been rejected by her biological parents, to having her father murdered and experiencing years of hurt and abuse during her marriages, the attorney-at-law and minister for God spoke on the importance of confronting one's emotions and forgiving those who have wronged you.

"My mother's rejection was as a result of rejection she had experienced; my father loved me but he was just unable to express it. After he was killed I had to find a way to forgive the murderer, because despite my ways God has been faithful to me.

"For years I was attracted to men I thought could make me happy, I was so starved for love and affection that I allowed myself to be manipulated. I would lay down and allow people to walk on me like a door mat, I was a carnal Christian, I prayed but I didn't want to hear what God had to say. But the first step of healing is self actualisation: once you accept Christ and you believe him, you are a new creature. It doesn't matter what your circumstances are, it is the saving grace of Jesus that will set you free."

Flash encouraged the women present to hold onto God, as no situation is unique to them and at the time of feeling worthless, God's spirit is ready to work.

"Sharing my story makes me feel as if a load has been lifted. I have forgiven my mother, my father, I have forgiven everybody alive and dead ... my soul constantly needs perfection but whatever the enemy has meant for bad God has meant for good."

After helping to beautify the hearts of the women, the conference changed pace and ended with a fashion show by international designer Hope Wade and an album launch 'Anavah Love Jones' done by the children of pastors Dorrett and Paul Blake.