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PNP targets its leaders for training

Published:Monday | September 21, 2015 | 9:35 AM
A large crowd of PNP supporters outside the National Arena yesterday.

The People’s National Party has targeted its ‎ leadership for training to communicate the message and philosophy of the party.

A Floyd Morris-led commission has been mandated to train, educate and inform members and leaders of the PNP about the organisation's time-honoured principles and philosophies.

The commission will also inform the membership of the PNP of the programmes and policies being implemented by the government.

According to Morris, the commission will train leaders at every level of the PNP on an annual basis.

The major target audience will be the officers, members of the national executive council, regional, constituency and divisional executives as well as group chairpersons.

It will also give special focus to leaders in constituencies that were won with fewer than 1,000 votes.