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MOE to receive report from Prickly Pole school on 11-year-old student's death

Published:Tuesday | September 22, 2015 | 1:39 PM

Chairman of the Prickly Pole Primary and Infant School board, Vinnette Robb Oddman, says she plans to provide a report to the Ministry of Education (MOE) today on the death of 11-year-old student Akella Lewis.

The death of the girl has been shrouded in controversy.

It has been reported that Akella was among students on a bus  with parents, teachers and other adults who were on their way to a political protest.

However, at a press conference this morning, Robb Oddman again insisted that the schoolgirl did not participate in the protest.

She says the child's death is believed to be linked to complications associated with a heart problem.


Chairman of the Board of the Prickly Pole Primary and Infant School, Vinnette Robb Oddman

She again reiterated that persons are seeking to politicise Akella’s death to cover up misleading information.

The protest was reportedly organised to highlight what the board chairman say is misleading information by South East St Ann Member of Parliament and Youth Minister, Lisa Hanna.

The Prickly Pole chairman claims that Hanna has indicated that she has spent nearly $3 million on paving the schoolyard.

However, she says this was never done.

She says it was only today that workmen turned up at the school with construction material.