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St Thomas Spelling Bee champion: 'I knew I could do it..."

Published:Tuesday | September 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Lando Fullerton, champion speller for St Thomas.

Morant Bay, St Thomas:

Name: Lando Fullerton

Age: 10

School: Morant Bay Primary

Coach: Ava Ramsay (teacher)

Charmaine Howell (mother)

Winning word: Morgue


Top 5


1. Lando Fullerton, Morant Bay Primary

2. Ajaydah Bonfield, Port Morant Primary and Junior High

3. Chamoya Smith, Whitehall Primary

4. Jaheim Brissett, Golden Grove Primary

5. Alicia-Kaye Seranash, Golden Grove Primary

Quote: "I feel happy. I knew that I could do it, so I worked hard, and cut down on the playing and studied two hours a day. It was hard, but I still did it because I knew I could do it." (Lando Fullerton)

"I am so elated! I was nervous, but I am so happy that he (Lando) won today. I have been coming for years. We've been in the top 10, but today, our hard work has paid off." (Ava Ramsay, teacher)

* The teacher has been entering Morant Bay Primary in the Bee for seven years. Her students have always placed in the top 10; this is her first win.