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Footprints: Cicylin Agatha Griffiths-Barnett - She gave her life to God

Published:Tuesday | September 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Cicylin Agatha Griffiths-Barnett

Laid to rest 88 years after her birth, the family of Cicylin Agatha Griffiths-Barnett thought it was best to bid their final goodbyes on her birthday, September 19.

Though many would show a different reaction, her family and friends were rather happy.

"Yes, we mourn her death, but it is not sad. It is a time of elation - a joyous transition," her niece said.

A dressmaker, a friend, and a wife was born when James and Fanny Griffiths welcomed their daughter, Cicylin, into the world in 1937.

While growing up in Hartham district, Manchester, during the 1930s, Cicylin enjoyed riding her bicycle with her friends. During this time, she would use the bicycle as her means of transport as she would go into Mandeville to learn dressmaking.

Cicylin was described as friendly, caring, and happy.

She enjoyed going to the Bethabara Moravian Church, where she was baptised.

"Some of us can recall that when she was up and about, she would pray and sing and make contributions to Bible study," her niece recalled.

Cicylin never ceased to work for her God.

She gave her all to her God, her Church, her family, her community and her friends with much zeal and determination.

One of her church's outreach ministries was established in Cicylin's home.

Cicylin had two children, Glen and Dawn, with her husband. She loved her children and she was a devoted mother.

Cicylin spent 12 years in CuraÁao, where her son, Glen, was born. She also went to the United States in 1972 and later returned to Jamaica after her husband died.

Cicylin's home was a hub for entertainment and prayer. She would cook fish soup on Saturdays, and her family and friends would gather to drink it.

This Christmas won't be the same as Cicylin's family and friends won't be able to share the Christmas cake she usually bakes.

In her later teenage years, Cicylin was a mother, an aunt, a caregiver to her nieces, and they remembered how strict and intent she was on them keeping the yard clean.

"Under her strict guidance and nurturing, the yard had to be kept clean every day. All that had to be done before Sunday because Sunday was church day."

Cicylin leaves behind one brother, Vinton, nieces, nephews, and church family.

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