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St Thomas businessman gets suspended sentence for bigamy

Published:Monday | October 5, 2015 | 11:07 PMCurtis Campbell

News of East Rural St Andrew Member of Par-liament Damion Crawford's loss bid to represent the constituency for the People's National Party (PNP) in the next general election sent social media into frenzy over the last two days. However despite Crawford's defeat, he apparently won in the entertainment industry where he directed some of his focus on modifying the noise abatement act, hence some artistes have defended his honor.

According to recording artistes Twin of Twins, the situation is sad since Mr. Crawford was trying to educate his constituency, which is rare among politicians.

"Damian was doing what we have been suggesting for years, he made an incentive where the people from the grass root level were being educated. For a long time ignorance was used as a tool for political manipulation to control the people for so much years. That is why people are now seeing ignorance as fashionable and cool, that is why when somebody comes with education he is seen as the villain," Patrick Gaynor of the duo said.

The twins even highlighted a previous interview in which several persons from Crawford's constituency stated that they wanted handouts rather than education from the MP.

"Memba sey pon the big interview the people dem did a bun out Crawford and a sey him a come wid education when a food dem want. Dem nuh realise sey education means food for life and they didn't get that fact because of their ignorance and it is sad. Basically what I hope is that other politicians don't take it like what he was doing cannot be done, somebody has to take up the mantle and move along, somebody else grab the flag and run because nations were built on blood sweat and tears," Gaynor said.

They also encouraged Crawford to carry on his mission. "We commend Damion Crawford a lot of people don't understand a certain mission and that does not mean you should stop it. There is an urgent need for education in Jamaica, the media needs to play its role to make education fashionable as well. Put it in pop culture for them to find it hip and trendy...look wah yah fight fah chicken and curry goat and yu nuh business about tomorrow. Yu give a man a fish yu feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for his entire life," his brother Paul Gaynor chimed in.

Twin of Twins spoke to THE STAR at the recently concluded editor's forum featuring American actor Danny Glover.

Iconic sound system owner Ricky Trooper also expressed his disappointment with Crawford's loss. The selector who saw Crawford as the only politician who had an interest in defending reggae/dancehall music, took to his twitter page predicting dark times ahead for Jamaican music.

"Damion Crawford out, so the music inna more trouble in Jamaica now. Dancehall haters just win. No good Minister of Youth and no more Minister for the music," he posted.

Former constituency chairman, businessman, Peter Blake, will now represent the party in the in the next general election.