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Footprints: Arthur Domingo Williams - A kind and generous man

Published:Tuesday | October 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

"He had only to look at us and we knew what the look meant.

"He was loving, caring, disciplined and strict," Karen said as she spoke about her father.

Arthur Domingo Williams was born on February 28, 1937 to Magnus Williams and Rutty Wright.

He had 14 children whom he cared for and loved endlessly.

Mavis, Yvonne, Rosewell, Grace, Sidney, Joseph, Cinderella, Jacob, Wayne, Karen, Cornel, Arthur Jr, Danette and Shane.

Arthur was affectionately called 'Striker' throughout his community in Parottee, St Elizabeth.

As the Chinese proverb says, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

Arthur was a fisherman and he taught many persons in his community how to fish. He was a kind and willing person and will always be remembered by his community as the generous person he was.

He was not only a fisherman but also a farmer. He travelled to America on the farm work programme.


Long, happy marriage

Arthur married Zeretha in the 1960s and they spent more than 50 loving years together. They became grandparents for 46 grandchildren, who later extended their family with 13 great-grandchildren.

"My father never let us go hungry, or anyone else he knew for that matter," Karen recounted.

"I remember he went to England and he brought back stuff for us. I got a dress and decided to wear it, but it needed to be ironed. I put on the dress one evening and my father asked where was I going. He was adamant that I should iron my clothes, even if I was only wearing them in the yard," Karen reflected.

Yvonne also looked back at the life she shared with her father.

"The 15 years he lived with me overseas, it was a very loving time. His death really affected the children. He will be sadly missed," Yvonne said.

He was the best father his children remembered.

Arthur grew up with his brothers, Heckler, Ivan, Veral, and his sisters, Clarissa, Daisy, Cathlyn, Sheryl, Punsie and Rosie in St Elizabeth. He was a family man and his family could always depend on him.

Arthur was a Christian who never gave up on God.

He is greatly missed by his family and friends.

- Rasheda Myles