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Faith Counsellor: Is it wrong to fall in love with your relative?

Published:Monday | October 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Dear Joan,

My third cousin is interested in having a relationship with me. Is it wrong to do so?

To tell the truth, I like him a lot, but I don't know if that's because he is my relative or it's something else. When I tell him that a relationship could not work between us as it would be a family scandal, he counters that third cousin is no big deal. He also said in the Bible, Isaac was married to his first cousin, Rebekah. He also said Noah's daughters got him drunk so they could have sex with him and carry on the family line. He mentions other relationships in the Bible that involves close relatives, but I can't remember them. So in light of all this, what is so wrong with being with him.


Dear G.J.

In all honesty, I can find no biblical argument to support any point that it is wrong to be with your third cousin. If anyone knows of any I stand corrected. However, on a moral point, I can only give you my opinion and it doesn't seem right for you two to be together. I know some will say that the bloodline is not that close, but I still think you should look elsewhere.



I hate to kiss my wife

Dear Joan,

I am having a problem that I am hoping you can help me address. I have a lovely wife, she is everything to me. I always enjoyed our romantic sessions and she is very giving. Foreplay and everything was just great.

But since a few months ago, I noticed her breath is not pleasant. I shy away from kissing her and, as a result, she is complaining that I have lost interest in foreplay. That's not the truth, is just that I can't deal with the scent coming from her mouth - it's not pleasant.

I want to tell her the real reason, but women are so easily offended and touchy. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I do want her to deal with it. How can I tell her without her being crushed?


Dear B.H.,

I think you should talk to her as gently as you can. It is better for you to do it than have others saying things behind her back about her breath. She will not thank you for it when whispers finally get to her ears.

Have you considered that there is a medical reason for your wife's sudden bad breath? In case you don't know, some conditions that can cause bad breath are sinus infections, post nasal drip and dry mouth. You wife will not be able to do anything about the problem unless you man up and talk to her. If she is as wonderful as you say, I don't foresee any problem ... but be prepared for some chastisement as she will realise the real reason you were so reluctant to kiss her.

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