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Child Preacher Reaffirms God’s Promise to his Children

Published:Thursday | October 15, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Anni-Vee Moore presenting for the Campbell’'s Castle SDA week of Prayer series
Some of the children who are a part of the church’'s Children’'s Ministry.

Windsor Forest, Manchester:

The Bible says a little child shall lead them, and the children of the Campbell's Castle Seventh-day Adventist Church are doing just that with their week of prayer series themed 'The Lord is My Shepherd'.

The series, based on Psalm 23, has different speakers each night who reiterate the will of the Lord to always be with His children, even in the darkest of times.

Family and Religion stopped by on the night titled 'The Lord Will Keep You', presented by young Anni-Vee Moore.

The child preacher gave a scenario, juxtaposing the role of a shepherd and Christ, the Shepherd of His people. She said that during the winter, the shepherd has to ensure the well-being of the sheep by grouping them and securing a stable. If one sheep is infected, the infection does not spread.

"In the same way," she explained, "Jesus is our shepherd and He does the same for us. In this world, sin is our infection. it comes and takes over and we are all paralysed by it. We need God to help us. He is the one who comes and guides us on our track and gives us what we need to press through."

Moore mentioned the lack of motivation to make a simple trip to church as one such virus of sin that is eating away at us.

"Only God can give us the medicine that we need, and if we are not in tune and we are unprotected, our spiritual defence system will go down, and then all sort of things will begin to take over."

She added: "We need to start getting out of bed and having our devotion. If you have devotions in the morning. you feel more (full) filled. I cannot leave in the mornings without, at least, saying a Bible text because I am used to it and I need it to help me throughout the day."

Moore added that in order to enforce the belief of the will of God to keep us, one must pray without ceasing and make Jesus one's best friend as well as love one's neighbour.

"If we do this for the rest of our lives each day, God will victoriously guide us through the valley of the shadow of death. In reading the story of David, we see how he used his rod and his staff to scare away animals that could harm the sheep. It is great to know that the Lord will send the rod of his strength out of Zion to rule in the midst of our enemies," she ended.

The week of prayer ends today, with the final speaker to echo the promises of the will of God for the lives of his children.

"Sometimes, we go throughout the day and we take it for granted, but we do not realise that it is actually God's rod that is guiding us on the straight pathway so we don't fall over the edge. do you remember to thank God for the air we breathe, food, your family, your home, simple things like those? today is the day to begin to be thankful because if it was not for his grace, we wouldn't be here."