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Dem teck on mi in di social media - Peter Phillips

Published:Tuesday | December 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Dr Peter Phillips


Opposition Leader Andrew Holness' upper St Andrew home was once again a talking point for People's National Party Vice-president Dr Peter Phillips, this time at the party's mass rally in the Lucea Municipal Bus Park in Hanover on Sunday night.

"Couple weeks ago, I say what I just say to you - that Portia not looking to live inna di biggest house inna Jamaica. Now don't get me wrong, if a man want to live in a big house or a small house or a medium-sized house, that is no problem to me. But if you are in public life, you must be able to stand scrutiny and face some questions," Phillips said, adding that members of the Jamaica Labour Party had since 'teck set' on him.

"And when dem done, dem have dem lackeys and dem yes men, and dem teck on mi in di social media wid all kind of lies and abuse. But I have the protection of God Almighty ... but teck sleep and mark death. If dem a treat me so, what would they do to the ordinary person who asks questions?" he told the party supporters.

flag criticism

Member of Parliament for Eastern Westmoreland Luther Buchanan also joined Phillips later in a broadside against Holness, criticising his distribution of the national flag during a recent tour in a section of Portmore last week.

"I see pon mi TV di other night the leader of the Opposition run gone ova Portmore and a say him don't believe in the issuance and the posting of flags, but yet I see him a gi out di Jamaica flag to some people because it have a likkle speck a green, and I say him is disingenuous. There is a protocol with how wi treat di Jamaica flag, and I don't believe dat him mean it from him heart dat him don't believe in di issuance of flag, or him wouldn't carry di Jamaican flag out dere," Buchanan said.

"I see him (Holness) a go roun' wid two baskit and him a talk 'bout dem baskit, but comrades of the People's National Party, the president of the People's National Party, you the vanguards of the People's National Party will not allow Andrew to give the people those baskets to carry wata," Buchanan said.