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Footprints: Henry McGibbon - His love for family knew no bounds

Published:Tuesday | December 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Henry McGibbon was peaceful, calm and determined.

Wilfred and Ivylin McGibbon welcomed their son Henry Anthony McGibbon into the world on July 27, 1980.

As he grew, he enjoyed watching and playing football.

Henry McGibbon grew up in Devon Pen, St Mary, with his nine siblings. His brothers are Patrick, Paul, Shemar, and Finey and his sisters are Sharon, Maggi, Carol, Nadine, and Stacy-Ann.

Henry was affectionately called 'Ricky' and he loved his family above everything else. He is remembered as a devoted family man and this was one of the many reasons his family loved him endlessly.

"Whenever Ricky visited he would bring gifts or something for his nieces and nephews," his sister Stacy remembered.

Henry had no children of his own but he had 21 nieces and nephews to whom he gave all his love.

He enjoyed playing with them and ensuring that they were OK.

Henry's love for family knew no boundary as he would leave his home in St Catherine to visit his parents and siblings every Sunday in St Mary.

"I loved seeing him on a Sunday, we can expect him to show. He would always come and whenever he does everyone would be happy," Stacy recounted.

Henry is described by his family as a reliable and compassionate individual.

"I could always depend on my brother, he never disappoints. Anything I ask him to do or for he would come through," Stacy said.

Henry was always helpful. His sister promised to cherish the memory of the times he ironed her nursing uniforms and prepared her breakfast so she could have something to eat.

Henry was 35 years old when he succumbed to his illness on November 6.

His family and friends were at a loss due to his passing.

They told Footprints that they lost an amazing, selfless and humble individual.

"He loved to cook and he would do it every day... . You could always guess he's cooking something and oftentimes it's his favourite, rice and peas and fried chicken," Stacy said.

His friends remembered him as quiet and caring.

McGibbon attended the Devon Pen All-Age School where he went up to the grade-nine level. He later became self employed. He travelled with his brother to different markets around the island to sell.

"He loved the market. We would travel early morning to buy and sell. May Pen, Kingston, Christiana and Spaldings or Old Harbour, you name it. Linstead market was his favourite and he would sell scales and rake," his brother Peter remembered.

Henry Anthony McGibbon leaves behind memories of kindness and happiness with his father, brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews and friends.

- Rasheda Myles