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Footprints: Mavis McDonald - Humble and kind-hearted, gone too soon

Published:Tuesday | December 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Mavis McDonald

Mavis Isilda Hill McDonald was a humble, kind-hearted and observant lady. She was humble because she knew it was the right way and she always believed in living the right way. Mavis never ceased to give. She would give her last to anyone, even if she was meeting them for the first time.

For her the length of time you know someone should not determine your act of kindness towards them.

Mavis Isilda Hill McDonald- the woman who believed that compassion is everything.

On August 21, in 1930, the Waterloo community in Spanish Town, St Catherine had an addition to its members as Elsadia Lewis Hill and Jonathon Hill welcomed the birth of their daughter Mavis.

They nurtured and loved her, they taught her values and life lessons and this helped to shape the woman she became.

She was a wife, a mother and a Christian.

Mavis got married to Leonardo McDonald and they build a home together. She was a hardworking and devoted wife. She cared for her husband in every way she possibly could and that helped to strengthen and lengthen the relationship they had. Mavis was predeceased by her husband but that never stopped her from loving.

She had 13 children whom she worked relentlessly to take care of.

Her children - Dorine, Frank, Devanne, Byron, Monica, Ermine, Keith, Cmore, Hugh, Murrel, Cheryl, Eva and Barrington - were sheltered, fed and taught some of the same values she learnt from her parents.

She believed in tradition. She was a disciplined, but loving mother. She taught her children right from wrong and how to be polite and courteous.

Mavis McDonald had one brother name Milton Hill and two sisters called Melisa and Merkle.

McDonald enjoyed socialising with the members of her community, her friends and family. She was also renowned for giving jokes because she loved to see people smile. Mavis worked as a factory worker in her early life and then she became a shopkeeper. Her granddaughter remembered her as someone who was content with what she had and was always happy.

McDonald had 50 grandchildren and loved having them around her. Her granddaughter Nicole recalled that she enjoyed watching TV and telling stories.

She added that the stories would be about life in Jamaica before the birth of her grandchildren.

"I also remember her giving jokes as whenever I visited her and she wanted to take a shower she would say turn off the TV because the people dem on it a go look pon me," Nicole shared.

All that she was ... Mavis McDonald never ceased to pray. She believed prayer worked wonders and for that reason she always prayed. She was a God-fearing woman and servant of the Lord. She was a member of the Gordon Pen Apostolic Church.

Eighty-five-year-old Mavis McDonald died on November 17 and a thanksgiving service will be held to celebrate her life on Saturday, December 12. The service will be held at her church, the

Gordon Pen Apostolic Church, where her 47 great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, other relatives and well-wishers will gather to say farewell to a wonderful and caring soul.

- Rasheda Myles