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Munroe says Finson should have made extradition comment outside of Parliament

Published:Tuesday | December 8, 2015 | 9:47 AM
Tavares Finson

Professor Trevor Munroe, says he wished the Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Tom Tavares Finson had made a recent controversial comment about him outside of the Parliament.

This would have opened up the Senator to the possibility of a lawsuit. 

Last Friday during a tense sitting of the Senate, Tavares Finson told government senator, Lambert Brown, that he and Professor Munroe should have been extradited.

However, Munroe says the Opposition Senator should not have made the comment under the protection of Parliament. 


Anti-corruption campaigner, Professor Munroe.

Senator Tavares Finson had also told Senator Brown that he should have been punished for alleged bomb possession. 

However, Brown, a former member of the now defunct Worker's Party of Jamaica, said the incident to which Tavares Finson referred was a matter of public record.

Brown explained said he was framed and that he was freed by the courts.

Professor Munroe was a general secretary of the Worker's Party.