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Discyple heeds the final call and follows God

Published:Saturday | December 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Recording artiste George Cousins aka Discyple

Tamara Bailey

He grew up in the church but was led astray by outside influences. It took several gunshots, a near-death experience and a vision of an attack by a demonic force to wake him up. He has re-entered the fold with has no plans of turning back.

Thirty-year-old George Cousins, who goes by the name 'Discyple', as a gospel artiste, was baptised in 2004 after spending a significant part of his earlier life in church. One would think that after being exposed to the faith for so long, this young lad would be unshakable, but according to him, the persons he looked up to most disappointed him

"I entered a gospel competition called 'Youth Congress' and, as a contestant, everything was working out in my favour. I was the clear winner, but then persons who I really looked up to and respected, came to me and told me they had to give the first prize to someone else and offered me second place, because the other individual had entered before and (they) didn't want to look bad. I was so angry because if Christians can be so unfair in their doings, it just really got to me - I was depressed."

Going through a phase of not being able to trust those he once did and feeling neglected, Discyple soon found himself on the streets, hanging out with those who were seemingly genuine.

"Me take up this bag a girls thing and 'badmanship', weaponry ... the whole works, and funny enough, enuh, while I was out there doing all these things, is like me couldn't compose a bad-man tune. All I could write and record were gospel songs."

And even with that sign, the artiste remained stubborn, doing as he pleased.

"My first wake-up call came one night when I met a girl on Facebook. She sent me her number and told me to call her, but I had no credit so I decided to go buy some. While on the road, my mother called me and told me my baby mama was coming home, I should go and meet her. I saw my cousin and borrowed his bike and as I sat on it and a barrage ah gun fire start."

With a case of mistaken identity, the gun men who thought Discyple was someone they wanted, began firing shots, hitting him all over.

"They fired about 16 shots on my cousin, killing him on the spot. I got five shots. The Hayes police brought me to May Pen Hospital where I spent about a month and half. Then I was transferred to the Mandeville Hospital where I spent another five to six months. I got shot in my right side, my left side, my right leg, left leg. I got one (shot) under my armpit five inches away from my heart which existed through my throat ... ."

Even after such an incident, Discyple spent his days in the hospital contemplating acts of revenge on his attackers.

"I have five screws in one leg, four in another and a bullet lodged in my pelvic bone that cannot be removed or else I am crippled. And even through this, I was thinking about how to kill the persons who shot me and killed my cousin."

He continued: "What made it even worse was that I got a call one night from a relative who told me the same persons shot and killed my aunt. I lost the passion to pray and I became arrogant. Around the same time, I got a vision on two occasions: two black dogs came to me trying to harm me and I shouted out until they left. The third time a man in black with wings appeared to me and I told me his name was 'Belzibug', the devil's right hand for the demonic hierarchy, and that he could kill the persons who shot me. I refused and the force came over me. I cried out and a friend of mine by the name of Morgan started praying with me."

It was after full confirmation from a prophetess that the artiste rebaptised and gave God full control.

"I see myself as a minister, the spreading the gospel. My aim is to help young people not fall into traps that I did, but to hold steadfast. We all need help and for that I must thank my managers Kevin Bryan and Lafane Hales, and my road manager, Amechie Whittingham, for helping to bring me where I am today."