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Rastafarian believes in Christian values

Published:Saturday | December 12, 2015 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr
Alvin Davis
Davis: I am a true Rastaman, but I now realize that Christianity is a good thing.

Making the switch from Christianity to Rastafarian was not easy for 54-year-old, Alvin Davis, who even today has high praise for Almighty God.

Davis, who told Family & Religion that up until the age of 16, he was deeply rooted in the Christian faith, as his mother saw to it that he attended church every Sunday, agrees that religion is important.

"Those were the good old days, where the basic courtesies were extended," he said. "The good mornings and good evenings were the order of the day. The love, caring, and sharing were quite evident in the Christian circles. But all was not well, as I discovered that the very people who were delivering the word of salvation to the congregation, were the same ones involved in sexual immorality and corruption. And that did not go down too well with me, and I left church at age of 16. I have basically abandoned the Christian faith," he added.

Shortly after completing school, Davis said that he became involved with some Rasta men, who gave him some inspiration, which opened up his eyes, allowing him to realise that the struggles of black people was as a result of oppression.

And as the years unfolded, Davis grew dreadlocks, which he claims was a symbol of his belief and commitment to the Rastafarian movement. That decision would change his life forever, and a sense of meekness and acceptance quickly played out in his transformed lifestyle.

deeply rooted

While Davis had become deeply rooted in the Rastafarian faith, the Christian values learned earlier, were still an integral part of his daily life and functions.

"I had one bad experience, which really affected me. I am a true Rasta man, but I now realise that Christianity is a good thing. However, the actions of some persons have given it a bad name. God is love, and if we practise what the Bible says, then there will be no war. I pray to God each night and morning, as He wakes me up each day," he said.

Today Davis, who previously worked on a cruise vessel, is still eyeing the Christian lifestyle, which he still admires, although it is very unlikely that he would cut off his locks and return to the Christian faith.